Outside the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

[By Blake Barnes]

Outside the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

This is a sport of two competition lifts (technically three exercises). Yet when we train, we do a lot more than just three exercises, right? It's important to realize that each one of those drills and exercises we do that aren't Snatch and Clean & Jerk serve a purpose. Furthermore, it's important to know how to properly execute each one of those exercises.

For example:

  • Tall Snatches: The movement starts with a snatch grip (obviously), standing fully erect. The athlete can also be starting on the toes but more importantly standing straight up. The movement is executed by the athlete picking up the feet (to simulate shifting the feet in a Snatch) while simultaneously pulling the elbows up and out to the side (to simulate the 3rd pull). There should to be NO countermovement or upward push with the legs — otherwise it's Hang Snatch. From there, the athlete will continue into the turnover and receipt portion of the Snatch.

So what are we training here? This would be a good exercise for people who have trouble pulling down under the bar or to help give people the feeling of pulling their elbows up among other purposes. As an athlete, you need to approach each exercise and drill as if it's a part of the Snatch/Clean/Jerk. Imagine you're actually doing the full lift and this is the portion that you're able to dial in on without having to worry about the the other parts.

Coaches...it's always best if after you explain the execution, you explain why they are doing this exercise so they know what to focus on.

So (athletes) next time you roll you eyes at a silly and awkward exercise that you hate, try to realize that this exercise could actually help you PR your lifts.

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