The Do's and Do Not's of a Weightlifting Gym

[By Blake Barnes]

The Do's and Do Not's of a Weightlifting Gym

This is a quick set of things that are considered proper etiquette of an Olympic Weightlifting gym. Some gyms have certain rules specific to their gym but I am going to cover some of the universal rules that I follow anytime I go to a new gym.

  1. DO NOT walk or stand in front of someone while they are lifting.

    • Weightlifters need to be focused during their lifts...don't break it because sometimes it can be a safety issue if they are lifting at maximal effort.
    • If there's a situation where your lifting area is in someone else's line of sight, take turns.
    • Exception: If someone is warming up with an empty bar or super light weight, it should be okay.
  2. DO NOT drop an empty bar.

    • Equipment is expensive and not funded by the government (in the US)...respect it.
  3. DO clean your blood off of a bar if you scrape your shins!

    • How would you like to grab a bar out of a rack to train and see a bunch of blood spots on there?
  4. DO NOT sit on the bar.

    • Refer to the bullet point on #2.
  5. DO NOT stand on bumper plates.

  6. DO make sure there is plenty of lifting space around you.

  7. DO NOT run around with a bar overhead to try and save a lift.

    • First of all, it's a safety issue.
    • Second of all, it's not the Olympics...just take the miss and live to do another set.

Again, this is just a quick list of general rules that are usually universal among Olympic Weightlifting training. Try to make sure you respect the gym's rules, coaches and lifters even if you don't agree with them.

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